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Why Do We Wait Until We are Broken?

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday that really got me to thinking.  We seem to wait until our bodies or emotions are sick before we do anything about it.  We ignore the clear warning signs showing us that we are standing on the railroad track and the train is heading our way.  In


The End of a Long Day

This is not a Wellness Bytes post.  That is coming next week.  Let me start by saying that I still have a thriving “medical” practice apart from my coaching so this is a post of a working woman who has had a long day.  I was driving home from work tonight at 8PM (I left


Wellness Bytes – First You, Then Me

Wellness Bytes #10 Tomorrow morning I’m transporting food from our local Shoprite store to the Putnam Community Action Plan, a neighborhood food bank.  This planned activity got me to thinking that I’ve spent a great deal of time discussing ways we can care for ourselves, but not so much about caring for other people.  


Wellness Bytes – The Super Fun List

Wellness Bytes #9 It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! What are you doing tonight? What are you doing this weekend? What DO YOU DO for fun, anyway? I have been thinking about fun over the past few months. Some of us can get pretty serious when wrapped up in work and responsibilities, and there are others who

Hit the pause button; a gift for you

Feeling a bit under the weather today, I decided not to write an entire blog article, BUT… I want to leave you with a Friday gift.  This is a brief mindfulness of breathing exercise that I recorded.  I must credit Duke Integrative Medicine with the written version of this exercise.  It is just over 6


Let’s Get Serious About Chronic Stress

Wellness Bytes #8 Relocating from Atlanta, raising 4 children while attending grad school, working as a health practitioner and running a business have certainly exposed me to chronic stressors.  We are all potentially vulnerable.