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Life – It’s A Journey

True confessions – For me it’s still a journey.  Like everyone else I have positive and negative moments and thoughts.  This has been a week with more negative than positive situations:  patients with bewildering lab results, friends going through hard times, aging parents, and interpersonal challenges both at work and at home.  We all have


Wellness Bytes – Your Precious Heart

Wellness Bytes #11 In honor of American Heart Month, let’s pause to appreciate our hearts. Our hearts beat about 42 million times in a year. In our lifetime our hearts move about 1 million barrels of blood throughout out bodies. Our hearts work tirelessly, mostly without our noticing. In energy medicine, the heart chakra is

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Wellness Bytes – To Do or To Be

Wellness Bytes #12 Are you tired of using to-do lists?  What if you could find a way to make your day more meaningful with a different kind of list?