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Off to Build a Healthy Brain

When is the last time you tried something totally new, a bit challenging and even sort of scarey?


Wellness Bytes – Are You A Worrier?

Wellness Bytes #15 Do you ever get caught in the “what if” mode of thinking?  Here is a typical scenario for a traveler who worries.  What if it snows out my vacation flight?  What if I don’t leave early enough for the airport?  What if I forgot to pack something?  What if I left the

black bean hummus

Black Bean Humus

Get your party started with some appetizers.  You can have assorted small bites of your favorite foods, formal appetizers or a variety of vegetables, nibbles and some dips. Here is a dip that Annie created, to boost your nutrition, lower your stress level,  and add flavor to your party.


Wellness Bytes – Stress Less Parties

 Wellness Bytes #14 I tend to run hot and cold with doing parties: I love people and enjoy making fun for my friends,  but I can also get pretty stressed-out over creating an event. But parties and get-togethers really help to create lasting ties with friends, and they give everyone something to look forward to.

Superfood Hot Chocolate

Guess what! You will now be able to get a weekly recipe with your Wellness Bytes. I have teamed up with Annie Markowitz, who is working on providing you with ways to eat that will support your body’s ability to deal with stress! This week’s recipe is Superfood Hot Chocolate – packed with magnesium for


Wellness Bytes – Are You Getting Your Vitamin N?

Wellness Bytes #13 It has been a long winter, but that is not  a good reason to sit at home.  Get those hiking shoes out of the closet and thumb your nose at that dirty snow.  If you are not getting your vitamin N, you could be feeling more stressed and unhealthy than necessary.