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Go Forth with Confidence and Humor

Do you get stressed and frustrated with flying places these days?  Do you find it daunting to take children on a trip?  Does the thought of travel cause your heart to speed up or your stomach to churn with anticipation?


Got Asthma? Stress Less and Breathe Freely

Has the spring brought you more than warm weather?  Are you one of the millions of Americans who cope with breathing problems when the season changes?  How can you honor your breath and feel more comfortable in your body to get ready for all of the fun that spring and summer will bring?


Mother’s Day Salad

Here is a yummy salad that you could make for yourself or your special mom.  It is full of ingredients that reduce stress and boost energy.


Lessons Learned Living Aboard

What do you suppose it would be like to live on a 44ft sailboat for the first time?


The Power of Presence

Total presence: a powerful way to offer love to another person. Putting aside your thoughts, emotions, judgements, need to tell your story, and just listening, watching and truly seeing that person. In some situations that is all that you can do and it is enough.