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Hot Lips Southern Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is courtesy of my sister, Lori, who shared it with me many years ago.  It is a tasty, all purpose recipe, and we used to spread it on chicken before we both went meatless.  Now we might use it on firm tofu, tempeh or seitan.  Its versatility lends itself to lots of purposes,

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Help For Your Bodacious Bod During Party Season

So you’ve worked hard to get in shape all spring, and now it’s summer party time!  How will you get through the season with health, vitality and fun?  Here are some tips and recipes to keep you laughing, dancing and enjoying your summer.


Growing a Secret Garden of Kindness

Do you bloom with good works and forgiveness for others?  How about yourself?  What does your inner garden look like?  Is it bursting with boundless energy and love?  Or is it weedy and neglected?  Some of the most anxious and unhappy people that I help are those who are kind to others but who don’t