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How do you move from struggling with something that you cannot change to acceptance? I realized when encouraging someone else to stop struggling, that I had some work of my own to do.
I kept visualizing this person moving forward, getting unstuck and improving his state of mind. I was actually holding on to my OWN struggle of wanting him to change. This realization came suddenly and made me laugh out loud! This mental loop: remembering how things used to be and wishing things were different, can only increase our suffering.

Some steps to assist with acceptance:

1 -Sit quietly for a bit and locate where your mental and emotional stress reside in your body. For me it is beneath the right shoulder blade, which tightens up when I am under stress.

2 -Now, just observe that part of your body where you feel tension the most. Bring a curiosity to this process – don’t force anything to change. Continue to observe. This focus helps you to get out of your thinking for a few minutes.

3 -Allow yourself to be at peace with your body’s state at this time. Trust in the natural process of constant change – negative at one moment and positive at another moment.

4 -Life is full of “now”s. Each “now” is unique and can surprise you if you simply let it come to your attention.


Acceptance is different from being passive or satisfied with what is happening – if you can do something to effect a positive result, by all means, take action. If you can do nothing, then adopting this attitude will not only help you,  it will bring an energy of comfort to those around you.

Sending you warm wishes for comfort and acceptance of the moment.


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