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It was Halloween and I was having labor pains.  My baby was due in February.  “OK don’t panic, you’re a nurse in maternity.  You know what to do.”  I lay down with one glass of wine and the contractions went away.  Wow that was a close one…

I was fine until November 10th when I went into labor after visiting family.  After 10 days in the high risk labor unit, I gave birth to a 2 pound, 6 ounce baby boy.  He survived and is now a wonderful grown man!  But the experience I had being a preemie mom was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I remember clearly how it was.  I had to leave my baby at the NICU day after day. I was torn between being with my precious preschooler and my new baby.  There was an empty feeling of a pregnancy that ended too soon, and I worried about each new challenge my baby had to meet.


Our lives can change in a second.  We see events in the news: from terrorist attacks and severe weather to tragic accidents.  In our personal lives it could be illness, death, unemployment, a car accident, and the list goes on.  In the moment, our bodies pump out stress hormones that help us deal with difficult situations.  But what if the situational stress doesn’t go away in a couple of days?  Here are five things that you can do:

1.  Take control of what you are able to deal with first.  When you’re able to handle small things, you feel stronger and more confident to take on more challenges.

2.  Connect with loved ones and ask for help.  Be brave – people want to help others but often don’t know how; they may feel awkward about approaching you so help them to help you.

3.  Do one nice thing for yourself every day.  Do whatever soothes you: maybe a bath, a good book, a funny movie, candlelight and dinner with your honey.  You especially deserve happiness when life is hard.

4.  Let go of commitments that are not serving you well, or are not important.  Take a hard look at your calendar and postpone or cancel the things that are not necessary.  Look at what you can delegate.  Say “no” to social activities you don’t enjoy.  Say “yes” to activities that are supportive and uplifting.

5.  Treat yourself kindly with positive self talk.  You are on a journey through life that will take you into new territory.  You don’t have to know all the answers.

Your situation won’t last forever, but it might last for a long while.  Taking care of yourself and your life while staying connected with good friends and loved ones, will help you weather some hard times.

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  1. I had no idea of this particular story, Lisa! Every day is a blessing…every moment is a gift…and with mindfulness, every storm can be weathered! Thinking of you today with love :)

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