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Our lives can be transformed in an instant – whether for better or for worse.  Anyone who has suffered a tragedy can tell us this.  Do we live in fear of change or do we live in harmony with it.  All throughout our lives change is happening in large and subtle ways.  The table that is here today is different from the one we saw yesterday – there is wear and tear that is too small for us to see.  Ask any older adult whether they are shocked when they look in a mirror – they will tell you that sometimes the face of a stranger is looking back.  How do we cope with our changing world and move forward with confidence and acceptance?

  1. Be in the moment – stop and notice the smallest thing you can and pause to appreciate it
  2. Look at the world with your child-like wonder – avoid labeling everything, just observe it
  3. Take time out to lay down the heavy burden of memories and thoughts of the future – this is a skill that can be learned and practiced
  4. Tap in to who you really are – peer beneath your habits, judgements and personality – who are you underneath?
  5. Remember that you are living as a boat in a flowing river of life – the boat hits obstacles, and it eventually gets unstuck and moves forward
  6. Accept the love and light that others offer you – sometimes we need this spark to regain our inner fire
  7. Whatever changes happen in your life this day, this week, embrace the learning that they bring

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