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Wellness Bytes #15

Do you ever get caught in the “what if” mode of thinking?  Here is a typical scenario for a traveler who worries.  What if it snows out my vacation flight?  What if I don’t leave early enough for the airport?  What if I forgot to pack something?  What if I left the coffee pot on and my place catches fire? And so on…. How tiring it is to get caught up in all that!  Believe me, I have a brain that can easily fall into that pattern.

What would it feel like if you could just stop that mindless chatter?  How do you feel inside when you are stuck in that mode?  How does it compare to the way you feel when you are calm? 


Chronic worrying has several unfortunate consequences.  It raises stress hormones, it can cause fatigue, lead to anxiety and depression and even (dare I say it) speed up the aging process!  It also interferes with focus, creativity and productivity.  The worrying occupies you so that you cannot really kick back and enjoy yourself, even when you are wanting to be on vacation.

What are some ways to break the pattern?

  • Switch from worry mode to problem-solving mode.  What can you plan for, prepare for or change?  What is your plan B?
  • Prioritize – What is the most important thing to focus on?
  • Draw from past experience – can you trust yourself to handle problems as they come up or would it be better to develop some new skills?
  • Pay attention to the part of your body where you feel the worry and just observe it – this helps you get out of your head.
  • Listen or sing to music that lifts your mood or calms you down.
  • Don’t forget your sense of humor; if you look carefully you can find something funny every day and it will interrupt the mind chatter with a good laugh!
  • IMG_0739.JPG
  • Treat yourself kindly if you make mistakes: they can be an amazing learning experience.
  • Think about some mindfulness meditation training.  It will help you to let go of thoughts and give you more physical comfort.

Need help with worry mode?  Consult a wellness coach who can help you to develop and to practice new skills.



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  1. Helen Gruenhut on March 22, 2014 at 1:09 pm said:

    My Grandmother Godbold, no matter the circumstances, could find something to laugh about every day.

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