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Sunday I was stuck inside the house again.  We’ve had a very snowy winter with frigid temperatures here in the North.  In the beginning I had every intention of staying cheerful and making the best of it. But I have to admit that this past weekend I was starting to feel pretty squirrely.   By the time Sunday rolled around,  I began to feel myself descending into gloom and sluggishness from the dim, snowy day.  Fortunately someone at work was having a birthday on Monday.  I pulled myself together and decided to bring a treat to work in the spirit of celebration.

I had just received this new raw dessert book.  The photo looks pretty awesome, right?  It inspired me to take action.


The next step was to convince myself that making one of the recipes  would be fun and not too difficult.  I spread out the ingredients on the counter and got to work.

photo 1

Thank goodness for food processors – they make our efforts so much easier.

photo 2

I spread the layers following the book’s instructions, but the top layer was not as thick as I thought it would be.  It was a challenge to spread it evenly.  Rather than worrying about it being perfect, I decided to just do my best.  I glopped this layer of mocha chocolate on top, spread it out and put the whole thing into the fridge overnight.

Here was the final outcome.

photo 1

I took these to work, surprised the birthday girl, and everyone loved them, including me.  Thank goodness they are staying at the office, or I would be nibbling all day!

What did I learn from this?  When winter gets you down, get off your couch and do something for someone else.  It always lifts the mood, especially if food is involved.  I won’t give away Emily’s recipe, and I recommend that you buy the book. If you can’t wait that long, you can find all sorts of wonderful foods on her website.

Wishing you a swift journey to spring.







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