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Your Next Meal Could Be Made With Love

Are you stuck in the habit of eating out?  How much do you spend for meals on the run or at your local eatery?  Are you feeling your best with the food you’re eating? Restaurants have convinced us that cooking at home is difficult, time-consuming and more expensive so we’ll keep eating out.  None of


If You Could Take One Step Toward Losing Weight

Want to lose weight? Not to sure where to begin? One of the most powerful steps you can take is to get rid of soda and diet soda; both stimulate sugar cravings.  Soda consumption has been linked to rising rates of obesity, as well as to an increased risk for diabetes heart disease and stroke.


Stress-busting Foods

Studies revealed that about 40% of Americans are overeating and are munching on unhealthy foods as a result of stress. While a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream can buy you a temporary sense of calm, their calming properties wear off way too fast. After the initial pleasure wears off, you’ll feel


Want to live a little longer?

Good genes have a lot to do with how long you’ll live. But if you make a few positive changes in your lifestyle, you can extend that time even further. Studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that determine how long a person will live. Apparently, these healthy habits are a

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Hot Lips Southern Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is courtesy of my sister, Lori, who shared it with me many years ago.  It is a tasty, all purpose recipe, and we used to spread it on chicken before we both went meatless.  Now we might use it on firm tofu, tempeh or seitan.  Its versatility lends itself to lots of purposes,

grilled veggies

Help For Your Bodacious Bod During Party Season

So you’ve worked hard to get in shape all spring, and now it’s summer party time!  How will you get through the season with health, vitality and fun?  Here are some tips and recipes to keep you laughing, dancing and enjoying your summer.

Superfood Hot Chocolate

Guess what! You will now be able to get a weekly recipe with your Wellness Bytes. I have teamed up with Annie Markowitz, who is working on providing you with ways to eat that will support your body’s ability to deal with stress! This week’s recipe is Superfood Hot Chocolate – packed with magnesium for