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Wellness Bytes – To Do or To Be

Wellness Bytes #12 Are you tired of using to-do lists?  What if you could find a way to make your day more meaningful with a different kind of list?


Let’s Get Serious About Chronic Stress

Wellness Bytes #8 Relocating from Atlanta, raising 4 children while attending grad school, working as a health practitioner and running a business have certainly exposed me to chronic stressors.  We are all potentially vulnerable.


Wellness Bytes – Step into Love

Wellness Bytes #7 Do you have days when stress becomes distress? Use this exercise to turn down the volume of distress so that you can focus and find a moment of joy.  Practice for 5 minutes at home so you can integrate it into your day.


Wellness Bytes – Eat to Savor

Wellness Bytes #6 How does eating and food affect you and your life?  Do you have rituals around mealtime?  Do you quickly inhale your meals and run on to the next activity or chore?  Do you eat while reading or watching TV?  Are you curled around your favorite snack or dessert, blanking out the unpleasant

Wellness Bytes – Commitment to Health and Wellness

Wellness Bytes #1 Many people start their health and wellness journey with the best of intentions. What happens? “Life gets in the way” – family obligations, work, time constraints, television, parties; life starts passing you by and before you know it, your good intentions have faded, leaving you frustrated, guilty, or discouraged. The good news

Welcome to Integrative Health Coaching

As you are well aware – our nation is facing a major health crisis. We are aging, diabetes and obesity are epidemic, prescription medicines are becoming more expensive and many of us simply cannot afford our health care insurance costs. The good news is that our lifestyle behaviors can help to prevent and improve a