Did You Remember Your Plan B?

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Imagine that you’ve made plans for a new walking program.  You set up your clothes, your alarm, the coffee is on auto.  You’re psyched to go.  The alarm goes off and there is unexpected rainfall.  You groan and roll over to return to sleep.  Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow, but maybe not.  Our best intentions are often easily derailed by circumstances.

Now imagine that in setting up your new program you selected 2 back up plans.  In advance you planned for the possibility of poor weather.  The alarm goes off and you see that it’s raining hard.  Instead of rolling over, you have an exercise video you planned to use in case of rain, or you might have planned to play a dance mix and get your groove on for 30 minutes.  With these plans, you are much more likely to follow through with your fitness program.  And it’s more likely you will walk on the first nice day.

Health coaches set you up with small steps toward a goal, help you to identify challenges that may come up, and ask you for back up plans.  Need some support and accountability to achieve better results?  Call a coach!

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