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Wellness Bytes #10

Tomorrow morning I’m transporting food from our local Shoprite store to the Putnam Community Action Plan, a neighborhood food bank.  This planned activity got me to thinking that I’ve spent a great deal of time discussing ways we can care for ourselves, but not so much about caring for other people.  

It’s important for us to maintain a balance between self care and “other care”.  If we’re too focused on ourselves, we can forget to look at the pain around us. We’re really all connected and everything we think, say and do creates a ripple effect in life.  It’s about using our compassion actively in small and large ways that help.  And our brains respond favorably to acts of kindness by showering us with serotonin, so we are still reaping benefits when we take care of other people.

A powerful meditation leader, teacher, and marathon runner,  Mipham Rinpoche created a music video about caring for others that has inspired me for a couple of years now.

What About Me?

What was a “first you, then me” act that you did and how did you feel afterward?

 May YOU be happy.


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  1. Melva Goldhammer on January 23, 2014 at 8:35 pm said:

    Met with a father recently who just lost his 21 year old son. Very difficult, but very rewarding. Also co-lead a Griefshare group at church for people who have lost loved ones.

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