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Do you get stressed and frustrated with flying places these days?  Do you find it daunting to take children on a trip?  Does the thought of travel cause your heart to speed up or your stomach to churn with anticipation?

Traveling has certainly changed over the past 15 years, but I can give you some ideas that will go a long way toward making your trips more pleasant.

Flying on your own or with adults:

1.  Create a packing list.

–Allow for the season and your events.

–Consider availability of items you could purchase after arrival.

–Find out if laundry service or facilities are available.

–Wear items more than once or mix and match.

–Subtract things you really don’t need.

2.  Pack toiletries and items that must be scanned in an easy-to-reach place.

3.  Dress for travel day in an outfit that will make it easy to go through security: slip on shoes, no belt, easy outer wear.

4.  Check weather and factor in traffic jams on the way to an airport.


Tips for traveling with children:

1.  Have a packing list for each child and think through what they will need.

2.  Bring some games or fun items to keep them entertained during the trip – I used to take some small gifts to be opened while on the journey.

3.  Bring some small snacks.

4.  If age appropriate, talk to your children about what to expect while traveling and what your expectations are for their behavior.

5.  Prepare the children for lines and some waiting, and think of games you might play with them during those times such as… count how many red articles of clothing they see.

6.  Be aware that you are always teaching your children when you remain patient and polite.


Be prepared for the unexpected:

1.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to bring your sense of humor.  Things often do not go as you envisioned.  Think about the big picture and plan accordingly. Do you have an event at your destination that you absolutely cannot miss?  Consider traveling in a day early to give yourself a cushion of time – it may be well worth the extra day off work and hotel fee.

2.  Dealing with a delay? Use your judgement; you can hop on a different flight before you are told your flight has been cancelled, trusting your own intuition about what is happening.

3.  If you really have to wait in the airport, consider a massage, a good meal, or hit the bar and order your favorite vacation drink (but don’t overdo it in case you have to make important decisions).

4.  Do your best to focus on what is positive about the waiting: finally you have some time to yourself to spend relaxing, you have an opportunity for letting go of the need for control, and there is time to chat with a friend or loved one.

5.  Focus on each leg of your trip as if it were a separate trip, avoiding thinking too far ahead. If you have organized yourself, your brain will be free to just focus on the present moment and you will naturally feel more relaxed, confident and calm.

At the end – it will all work out – have gratitude for each moment that went well.

Happy Traveling,






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  1. Love your message to keep a sense of humor as part of your travels! Funny because if I am traveling alone, usually everything falls into place; however, trips with the kids usually fair differently. As we plan for our summer vacation, I’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind!

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