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Sailing Collective

When is the last time you tried something totally new, a bit challenging and even sort of scarey? This week I am embarking on a sailing adventure for the first time.  My husband and I saw this opportunity to live aboard this sailboat and experience sailing around the British Virgin Islands for a week.  We have no experience in this activity so will be learning from our captain and crew.  I think we have always been open to learning and experiencing new things such as scuba diving, vortex tours in Sedona, and on our honeymoon, snorkeling.  We even tried skiing as young adults and found that we were terrible at it.  This upcoming adventure will include 3 personal challenges: learning to sail, dealing with sleeping on a boat despite my difficulty with small spaces, and combating seasickness.

One of the health habits I have incorporated in my life is to learn something new every year.  I do not mean a new fact.  I mean a new activity that is somewhat challenging.  I began this several years ago after going to a conference on memory and prevention of dementia.  As people are now living longer, more of us will develop dementia toward the end of our lives.  Of course, as you know, this health problem burdens our society, our families, and is just not how most of us want to end our lives.

There are 6 major habits that can help us to maintain a healthy brain:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Mental stimulation
  4. Quality sleep
  5. Stress management
  6. An active social life


So this vacation is not only about de-stressing by being off the grid, kicking back and relaxing and laughing with new friends, it is also about mental and physical challenge.  How are you protecting your brain?  You may not be going sailing but how about treating yourself to a cup of blueberries and some green tea today?  And what could you learn this year that would excite you and stimulate your brain?

No post next week, but expect a new Wellness Bytes on April 11th.

Blessings to you.


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  1. You go girl. Im envious. We used tho have such fun but lately old age is getting me, knees, rotator cuff surgery, etc. some, enjoy while thou are young.
    Am keeping the brian going tho, always learning something each day.

    • You are using your energy to be an awesome grandma! We make choices based on the hand we are dealt, right? I get tired just watching all the things you do.

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