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So you’ve worked hard to get in shape all spring, and now it’s summer party time!  How will you get through the season with health, vitality and fun?  Here are some tips and recipes to keep you laughing, dancing and enjoying your summer.


If you are hosting a party, try making a signature low cal cocktail for the group.  Using muddled fresh fruit can sweeten the drink, add some nutrients and keep calories low.  Try a Watermelon Fizz, a Healthy Girl Margarita, or a Honey Lemonade.  Stay well-hydrated by alternating your cocktail with ice water, tea or club soda.

ping pong dance off

Plan a physical activity to keep the energy level high and boost your metabolism: bocci, outdoor Jenga, water balloon toss, croquet, limbo, volleyball, or giant bubbles are some examples.  If you like to laugh, try putting string through empty kleenex boxes so they can tie around the waist, place 5 ping pong balls in each box, turn on some music and watch your guests as they try to shake the balls out of their boxes.

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Keep your menu light with lean proteins such as vegetarian baked beans or Greek Island Shish Kebabs with either chicken or tofu.


Add lots of colorful veggies: Zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, eggplant, onions, and tomatoes are all good on the grill. You can also add grilled fruit such as mango or some grilled avocado for flavor and interest.

When grilling, take care to brown the food, but avoid too much char and smoked fat, which can raise the risk of certain cancers.  Trim your meat and marinade it in low fat sauces to enhance the flavor and tenderize without unnecessary smokey fatty deposits that can build up on your meat and increase carcinogen exposure.


For dessert, fruit salad is always appreciated, and some other items can be lower calorie brownies, cake or maybe a homemade fudgcicle. Or go crazy and top off your party with an alternative to regular Mud Slides.  Don’t forget iced coffee, or tea at the end.

Backyard parties can be fun AND healthy.  They don’t have to sabotage all of your spring efforts to get in shape.


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