How do I work with clients?

Wheel of Health

I start with a visual tool called The Wheel of Health as a foundation for my work.  The wheel helps you see how self care is interwoven into the different areas of your life.  I often use it as a starting point to see how you view your current life and what you believe about health and wellness. The relationship I develop with you as a client, is the foundation of our work together.  Your opinions about what is best for you are important to me.  We consider your views as we explore how you could enhance your current well being.

I use a 6 step process that includes:

  • exploring your personal vision and values around a healthy life
  • figuring out where you are right now in comparison to what’s possible for you
  • choosing a focus for improvement and learning
  • developing compelling goals or intentions
  • getting into action by taking a series of steps toward a goal
  • evaluating what works and what needs fine-tuning

We work together in partnership where I keep the 6-step process in mind and ask questions that will help you to better understand what you want and how you want to achieve it.  I stand in as a resource for you in areas where you need more knowledge.  I take note of your strengths and give you positive feedback that empowers you to take on challenges.  When things don’t work out, we focus on what can be learned from the experience.  Together we celebrate your success!