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With the cold weather and the shorter days accompanying the winter months, we see dips in mood and energy levels at this time of the year. Studies show that 1 out of 10 Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or winter depression.

It may be gloomy outside, but you don’t have to feel depressed of blue. Try incorporating these tips into your daily routine to keep feeling great even when the weather turns bad.

Capture the light

Aim for 10 – 15 minutes outside every day.  Can’t get out?  Try a light box such as Sunbox in the mornings for 30 minutes.

Stay warm

Winter’s cold can make you feel sluggish. Stay warm this winter by wearing layers of clothing. You can also sit by the fireplace, have a warm drink or snuggle up with a loved one. Staying warm is absolutely crucial for maintaining your mood.

Stay active

It’s easy for us to use the winter weather as an excuse not to work out regularly. Bundle up and get yourself outside as much as possible. Try some winter activities such as ice skating, sledding or skiing. Invite a friend or go out with the entire family.

If the weather doesn’t permit, you can always exercise indoors. You can use the treadmill or walk up and down the stairs.

Keep in touch

Socializing is one of the best ways to boost your mood. Humans are social creatures by nature after all.

We know you’re tempted to stay in bed all day, but try to make time for your family and friends. Go out for with your sister for lunch, watch a movie with a friend or invite friends over to your house.

Drink lots of water

Winter is a very drying season, and we really need it this time of the year. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If cold water doesn’t seem appealing, you can eat soups or drink teas. Try to get warm fluids in your body most of the day. Avoid caffeinated beverages.

Eat well

Eating a healthy diet will not only protect you from colds and flu, it can also keep the weight off. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables and proteins.

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