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True confessions – For me it’s still a journey.  Like everyone else I have positive and negative moments and thoughts.  This has been a week with more negative than positive situations:  patients with bewildering lab results, friends going through hard times, aging parents, and interpersonal challenges both at work and at home.  We all have these times.  I don’t know about you, but I am wired for sensitivity.  So I can have more of a physical response to the emotional climate around me.  This can be helpful – I can read other people’s emotional states pretty well and can respond to that.  It is also difficult and I have to be careful to take care of myself as well.  So here are a few things you can do when you are having a rough week:

  1. Call a friend and let them know that you just need to speak your heart.
  2. Go for an intense exercise session.
  3. Write about how you are feeling.
  4. Brush your dog or cat and tune in to their beautiful fur and their enjoyment.
  5. Eat more leafy greens to boost your nutrition.
  6. Watch a movie that makes you laugh or cry – either can help you to unwind.
  7. Sit for 5 minutes and watch your breath – this can help you to get some perspective.

We are all on life’s journey – some days will really challenge everything we know and believe in.

But if every day were easy, how much would we learn?

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