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Do you find yourself worrying about the weeks ahead? Do you feel weighted down with responsibilities?

I find that my energy can get sapped by thinking about all the things I have to do and when I could get them done.

My thoughts get hung up on tasks, and I can sometimes get a warped idea of the balance of my life such as too much work and not enough time for what I really want.

I improved my energy and thinking by finding a fun app to fit my idea of a balanced schedule, then once a week, I look at the week ahead and prune the schedule back if it is too heavy in one area. Color coding categories and including a “fun” category works well for me, because I am reminded to put some time aside every day for play or goofing off. Personally I really like Fantastical because it is easy to use and gives you lots of colors to choose from.

When you schedule out your “to dos” you have a way to reduce your stress level because the schedule:

1.  frees your mind up to think about other more immediate concerns
2.  allows you to take a peek at your life as a whole with a more “real” view
3.  gives you a chance to balance your work load so that it doesn’t feel so oppressive
4.  helps you to set priorities
5.  reminds you to add play time


If you can see your life this way, you might not be able to find work/life balance, but you can set priorities. What do you really need and want to do with your time? What is a way to get things done and still have some time for yourself?

For me, I have an hour after I wake to do with as I please. Right now it is writing, sitting quietly or reading. It is my choice. I get up early to have this time and it has been a very positive force in my daily life.

Whatever you decide, having a system of some sort can be very freeing and help to relieve that heavy weight of things to do.

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