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Recently, I was helping my daughter with an engagement party for 50 + people.  The party was just what she imagined, and it was a great feeling to know that so many people took pleasure in the event.  Now there is an empty space on my plate of activities.

I have been wondering about this need to keep my plate full.  It’s like an itch that demands to be scratched.  At the same time, I know that having a full and overflowing life-plate has contributed to my personal stress and spilled over onto others.

I can face it: I love activity.  I thrive on new learning, new challenges and meeting new people.  At the same time I yearn for quiet, solitude and time to appreciate the small things in life.  It is like being pulled in two directions at once.

In thinking about a balanced life-plate, I realize that an empty space could be filled with contemplation rather than activity.  It is also possible to wipe the plate completely clean and start over, filling it with things that are nourishing and necessary with a touch of sweetness for joy.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that an overflowing plate is not abundant, it is messy and sticky and no one wants to see it.  Piling on more and more activities only leads to a feeling that we can never finish it all, never take time away, never fully enjoy time with those we love.

So this week I will not fill that empty space with anything active.  I will take time for beauty, for quiet, for recharging the batteries.  We’ll see what emerges from here.

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