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Our lives seem to be caught up in “shoulds”.  From the time we are small our learning often takes the form of what we should do and must do.  Is it any wonder that many of us miss out on the sheer pleasure of being alive?


I thought about “should” while spending quiet time in the garden today.  I sat in a chair in the morning sun and what crept into my field of vision?  Weeds, debris from the recent rain, the rust in the fire pit, flowers that the animals had bitten…  It took an act of refocus to listen to all the sounds: the wind, birds, chimes, airplanes, dripping water… and then I noticed the smells brought by the breeze: earthy, spicy, sweet, that fresh clean air after an evening rainfall.


I would have missed the very things around me that liven up this life if I had stayed focused on what wasn’t right and what needed fixing.


What do you focus on?  How can you complete what truly must be done and still take pleasure in it?  How can you change a “should” to a want and to a joy?


For me it is visualizing what things will look like and how I will feel at the end.  This helps me to decide if an activity is “worth it”.  Maybe it will really help someone and enhance a feeling of connectedness.  Maybe it will make us laugh.

Maybe the meal I cook will look pretty, taste wonderful and fill a hungry belly.

Take a look at “shoulds”.  Imagine the possibilities when we can let go of “should and shouldn’t” and embrace love, purpose and harmony in our lives!  Try it this weekend and let me know how it works for you.  L


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