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autum walk

Yesterday I was out for a walk along our street.  We have the good fortune of living up the road from a causeway with spectacular views.  The day was overcast and when this happens, the colors just pop.  I came across this tree with a bright red vine growing within its branches.  The color was so intense that I had to take a photo.  It reminded me to appreciate this brief time of year, autumn.  I always have mixed feelings about the fall, but they come from anticipating winter with its short days and my own issues about having to bundle up just to go to the car.  When I stop focusing on what is to come and stay in the present, I feel this deep sense of joy and appreciation of the autumn season.  The colors are warm and jewel-like, the temperatures are energizing, and the sunsets are vivid.  Fall is brief and precious.  I’m glad that this little vine reminded me of that.

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