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Wellness Bytes #7

Do you have days when stress becomes distress? Use this exercise to turn down the volume of distress so that you can focus and find a moment of joy.  Practice for 5 minutes at home so you can integrate it into your day.

  1. Sit quietly and focus on your breath for 3 breaths.  Now allow yourself at least 5 minutes without distraction to ponder this exercise.
  2. Picture a moment in your life where you felt intense unconditional love and affection either FOR someone else such as a child, friend, pet or other important person in your life  OR remember the feeling you had when someone in your life loved YOU unconditionally.
  3.  Visualize the person in detail – their appearance, voice, mannerisms
  4.  Note the feelings in your body when you have this visual image – what do you feel like?  Is there a warmth, a rush, an unwinding or relaxing? 
  5. What emotions do you notice?  joy? comfort? kindness? deep appreciation?
  6. How has your mood changed after this visualization?  Remember that you might not notice anything in the beginning but keep working with this exercise, as over time, you will become more attuned to the experience.

As you begin to have some positive shifts in your emotions or body sensations, next you can use some cues to bring this moment into your day and use it as a tool for alleviating distress.

Here are some ideas but feel free to think of your own:

  • Keep a picture of that person or pet on your phone or in your wallet
  • Place a post-it to remind you to think about that person
  • Post a quote or saying from that person
  • Say a prayer or express gratitude for that person each day
  • Journal about this exercise and keep your reflections handy

The trick is to return to this image often so that you connect with the positive feelings and body responses triggered by the image.  Hard wiring this response (into your brain) will enable you to use the image when you might be feeling the discomfort of overload or distress.

Wishing you the joy of deep love.

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