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 Wellness Bytes #14

I tend to run hot and cold with doing parties: I love people and enjoy making fun for my friends,  but I can also get pretty stressed-out over creating an event. But parties and get-togethers really help to create lasting ties with friends, and they give everyone something to look forward to.

I grew up in a home where my mother looked at even a small dinner party with a certain amount of dread.  I can remember her worrying over the food, the decor and all sorts of details.  When I got older her sage advice was “give the guests a nice glass of wine first, so that if the meal doesn’t turn out well, they might not notice”.

So over the years I have developed some techniques that help to make a party much more enjoyable for me and enable me to provide a nice evening for guests.  The underlying mode of operation is this: create an event that lets your guests know you care about them and want them to leave laughing, happy and supported.  Stop worrying about what everyone thinks about your home, your decor and the food – if they are having fun they won’t dwell on any of that!


  • Spend some time envisioning what you want your party to look and feel like: what are you creating for yourself and friends?
  • Think about casual vs formal: what is your style?  Formal dinner, cocktail party, pot luck supper, backyard BBQ, or a relaxed evening with a couple of friends?
  • Decide on the logistics: size, date, time, your budget, and give people a 6 week head’s up.
  • Think about what activity your guests would enjoy…talking, dancing, a game, karaoke, movie night?
  • Get as much help as you need or can afford: this gives you a chance to be with your guests – consider hiring someone to assist you with serving, preparation and clean-up.
  • Even if you don’t love planning and lists, consider making a plan – it can reduce that feeling of stress, and things will go more smoothly
  • Have everything set up before your guests arrive so you do not look like you are running around with your hair on fire – this will help them feel welcome and relaxed.

Enjoy the time with your friends: a party is a gift for them and the warm feelings of connection are a gift for you.






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