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Sometimes It’s About the Little Things

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father of mindfulness describes it as paying attention in a particular way without judgement.  I think of it as an awareness. Have you ever been so caught up in thought or activity that you didn’t know where the time went?  Do you ever find yourself stuck replaying a conversation or rehearsing something


Did You Remember Your Plan B?

Imagine that you’ve made plans for a new walking program.  You set up your clothes, your alarm, the coffee is on auto.  You’re psyched to go.  The alarm goes off and there is unexpected rainfall.  You groan and roll over to return to sleep.  Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow, but maybe not.  Our best intentions


The End of a Long Day

This is not a Wellness Bytes post.  That is coming next week.  Let me start by saying that I still have a thriving “medical” practice apart from my coaching so this is a post of a working woman who has had a long day.  I was driving home from work tonight at 8PM (I left