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Wellness Bytes #9

It’s Friday! Woo Hoo! What are you doing tonight? What are you doing this weekend? What DO YOU DO for fun, anyway?

I have been thinking about fun over the past few months. Some of us can get pretty serious when wrapped up in work and responsibilities, and there are others who just naturally know how to incorporate fun into their day.

Deep inside of us, we ALL know how to play. We were great at it when we were children. Somehow over the years we are led to believe that we need to sacrifice most of our play and work hard to get “ahead”. We never learned that we could be playing more and still be successful. In fact, play can release our creative energy, reduce stress and just radiate out to those around us and help them as well. Isn’t that what it’s all about? taking care of ourselves and helping others all at the same time, while building a successful and satisfying life?

So how can we begin to think more about fun and play, so that we might incorporate it into our lives more fully?

Well, first, it is important to set aside a little time to contemplate this – and maybe grab some markers so you can remember what you thought about.

Let’s begin with the Super Fun List!
 Start by sitting quietly and telling yourself that for just a few minutes you are going to take a time out (you might have to tell the kids you grounded yourself).
Think about all the different kinds of fun you might have.
For example:

  • brain fun – crosswords, Sudoku, puzzles, trivia night, attending a workshop on a new subject
  • heart fun – karaoke night, truth or dare with your friends, a comedy movie or show, charades
  • creative fun – put on some music, grab some paints and paint whatever pops into your head, write a poem, do a craft, rearrange the furniture, attend a concert, play your own music
  • physical fun – hike a new trail, ski, scuba dive, take a new exercise class, dance, pull together a game of Bocci, tag, or volleyball in the back yard
  • just plain silly fun – get a bubble set and create amazing bubbles, climb a tree, have game night with your family or friends, make up silly stories with the kids
  • still having trouble coming up with ideas? Grab someone, adult or child, who is good at playing and brainstorm with them

After you have created your list, look at a week in advance and place some of these activities on your schedule or on your “to do” list.  Highlight the fun with a bright marker so you have it to look forward to.  If you use a smart calendar, consider something such as Fantastical, which allows you to color code activities on your schedule.

As you can see, there is no limit to the ideas – only the limits you place on your imagination. Remember how you came up with all sorts of ideas as a child? Tapping into that creative mode can help you to solve all sorts of issues in your work life. It means letting go of thinking, judging and analyzing as the first step, and embracing a free flow of ideas while relaxed and open.

Can play raise your stress level? You bet! But this is a way to make stress work for you in your life.

Wishing you super fun,


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