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As you are well aware – our nation is facing a major health crisis. We are aging, diabetes and obesity are epidemic, prescription medicines are becoming more expensive and many of us simply cannot afford our health care insurance costs. The good news is that our lifestyle behaviors can help to prevent and improve a significant proportion of chronic illnesses. This is good news for you because these healthy behaviors translate to cost savings, fewer trips to the health care office, and even better, rather than just being well, you can flourish in your life.

Integrative health coaching is about more than taking care of your body; it includes paying attention to all the things that affect your well being. This type of care considers your needs for a supportive surrounding, healthy relationships and communication, a sense of meaning and life purpose, your career choices, and your basic awareness of yourself in the world.

The coaching experience is a process by which you explore what you really want in your life,and how you want to feel and be. Next you delve deep into where you are right now. Then with the partnership from your coach, you develop priorities, goals and plans that are uniquely your own to move you forward step-by-step along the path to true flourishing.

I believe in lasting change. I have seen it in others, and I have experienced in in my own life. It is not easy to go it alone. Consider taking this journey with some expert help.

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