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Wellness Bytes #1

Many people start their health and wellness journey with the best of intentions. What happens? “Life gets in the way” – family obligations, work, time constraints, television, parties; life starts passing you by and before you know it, your good intentions have faded, leaving you frustrated, guilty, or discouraged.

The good news is, with the right support and accountability, and with discovering what will keep you motivated and inspired, regular habits will develop. You can learn ways around the obstacles that are holding you back and continue moving forward. Most people find this extremely difficult to do alone. Dr. Oz and Web MD have each endorsed health coaching as an effective method for making strides toward a commitment to wellness.

My friend, Kathy, worked with a coach to lose a little weight. She discovered that planning around her personal obstacles, and delving into truly mindful eating, created a whole new relationship with food. It inspired her to let go of calorie counting and measuring, and enjoy the color, flavor and texture of food. She found that she ate less and enjoyed herself more, using strategies she developed with her coach.

For me, coaching helped me to reach a very important hiking goal, taking on a hike that I was not able to do one year ago. I battled with myself to get out of that bed and do the workout I needed in order to get stronger, and on many mornings I rolled over and went back to sleep. Through coaching I was able to find a system that worked for me and gave me the commitment to break through barriers that were holding me back. I learned that being accountable to my coach was not about feeling badly if I was not always successful in my efforts, but about learning from my experiences.

If you would like to see if coaching might help you, I urge you to take time for a 30 minute conversation by phone or in person. You would bring your health or wellness concern to the conversation and have a sampling of what coaching would be for you. Leave me a message via email or at 845-216-0790 and let me know a good time to call you back. We would then set an appointment.

In the coming months I will be sending links, articles and commentary on a variety of wellness issues. I began with coaching as it is dear to my heart. Wishing you happiness and health.



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