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Are you stuck in the habit of eating out?  How much do you spend for meals on the run or at your local eatery?  Are you feeling your best with the food you’re eating? Restaurants have convinced us that cooking at home is difficult, time-consuming and more expensive so we’ll keep eating out.  None of this is true.  Here are 6 ideas for spending less and feeling better:

1. Smoothies on the run for breakfast pack in nutrition and save time. Hints: put the liquid in your blender first; use frozen fruits (you can freeze them yourself on a cookie sheet), and veggies. There are some tasty and healthy recipes online.

2.  Mason jar salads:  Don’t let your produce go to waste. Make a large basic salad once a week, pack it in 5 mason jars to grab and go for work. You can mix them up by adding different dressings and toppings before leaving home each day.  Variety is the key to keeping it fun.

3.  Soup’s on: Check out a new twist on old-school thermoses.  Soup is easy to make and pack if you want a hot lunch. Making a couple of easy soups on the weekend, freezing some and putting some in the fridge for the week can ramp up your nutrition and save you money.  Add some veggie strips, dressing or humus, and a small handful of nuts and you have a meal.

4. Don’t arrive home in starvation mode! Have an afternoon snack. Around 4PM we often need a lift to finish up our day. Be prepared by bringing an extra smoothie to work (just double the breakfast one), or pack some peanut or almond butter with an apple to cut up. You could also bring a yogurt, or munch out on some nuts with a side of green tea.  The main thing is to soothe your hunger so you can prep dinner when you get home.

5. Feed yourself a dinner that says “I love you”.  It’s worth buying a rice cooker or crock pot to make it easier to have a home cooked meal. For quick meals, saute some veggies and a protein with some dried herbs and add a side of rice, quinoa, millet or other whole grain cooked in broth. Preparing a couple of meals on the weekend can really help when you get home late and need to just heat something up. I cook extra and freeze some for the future.

6. Consider cooking with friends. You can divide the meals so that everyone has a little variety during the week. Don’t forget to add music and a little vino to spice up your time in the kitchen!



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